With oil on the side for exercise to quickly remove the abdomen and women. How to perform

To remove wife and baco (the most effective exercise will help you do this) plus it appeared necessary at the time in this area. That is difficult to exercise a body part.

Here occur two kinds of fat: fat under the skin, visceral organs and the abdominal envelope. Therefore, the complex should be chosen so that the effect to the head lands deep and hard, train hard.

General rules exercise to clear the stomach and boca

slimming exercise

To achieve a greater impact of performance outside, physical activity, and rules that must be followed, including performance techniques: this course is the number of repetitions to perform the important work of pure spite; parts of the body should be to train, constant stress; excessive exercise physical properties during execution, otherwise, the job reluctantly does not produce the desired results; the exercise correctly, the main Indicator - the emergence of these feelings, in the field of combustion, it is important to do, without interruption, making the number of executions slowly increased, but that time works to remove the abdomen and sides, this is the simplest but less effective exercise, you need to start; classes start with warm up.

To remove the abdomen and sides, exercise (the most effective) is to combine the right diet with.


Should be consumed within days: 1/3 animal protein foods (any meat), vegetable origin, cereals 2/3 the amount of carbohydrates as, Nov, cereal, bread, vegetables, some vegetable oil, drinking 2 litres of pure water throughout the day raw, the number of meals should be 5 Not less.

It is important to remember! Before you begin the training process should prepare for Nov. You get the urge for the best results, without damage, Nov tissue and joints. The warming process should last more than 7 minutes.

An effective workout all the abdominal muscles

Exercises to get rid of an extra emphasis on the recommendation of coaches, field acceptance, all work Nov. Give exercise the required top, bottom and side pieces of the press.

Exercise exercise for the upper Slat.

slimming planck

Best of all, because his performance is the deepest of the abdominal muscles education.

Technical performance. The position of the body which is necessary to get as always. Stocking up on to rise, the hands must be twisted angle is 90 degrees. To fix the body, for the first time in 20-30 seconds. When you press and hold a posture for a wife the necessary tools to move up the gluteal muscles and the back is rounded. View posted ground.

By doing the bar, you must consider the following:

  • remove the shoulders;
  • definitely not confiscate the shoulders are wider under already;
  • obey mounted to a 90 degree angle;
  • to keep the body whole, as, so, like, line.

Bike. Startup to perform that need to be made in the appropriate position - need to turn down the outer covering snugly your hands to clean your head, bend your legs at an angle of 45 degrees the angle of the knee creating.

Technical performance. 50 cm Distance to lift penis-plated legs, twisting them in advance, knee, and twisting a fantasy start pedal. 1 by navigating to perform at least 15 times fast approach. Only 3 or 4 approach.

Attention! The most effective exercise for performance, with the goal of burn is to remove a wife and Boca, the fat layer under the skin, has a positive effect on the heart system, digestive system, the back muscles, the process of the exercise all groups Nov.

Exercise for exercise, press the Alt

To remove wife and boca (the most effective exercise for the lower press are given in the table) using the extremity of such exercise, climbing, knee, scissors, krut-ninety-three.

  1. Lifting knee. Lie down on the floor, straighten your back and he stepped to the ground, put his hands to the head, the legs stretched out. A bracing one knee slowly, then the other leg, the chest, the lower torso a little distance from the ground on coming out of 10-15 times, 4 approach;
  2. Scissor. Marmara in the feet position straight, at a distance of 20 cm from the ground, raise, and breed don't have twine, then cross each other like scissors to cut 10-15 times, 4 approach;
  3. Super - ninety-three. Located in the back of his head, his hands lying on the floor of the ear, upper body raise, your right elbow touch left knee, you'll need to top A is held in, and, conversely, alternating legs and hands 10-15 times, 4 approach.

Exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles exercise

exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles exercise

This is the group that is responsible for body flexion twists and Nov. Oblique muscles give the value separately in practice, as well as other all types of loads they are not, of course, pumping.


Obtained the following important turning point of life as an exercise to exercise.

The slope standing up. Separate the legs, lockable with a dumbbell in one hand, install the other neckline, elbow you look up to. Hold your back straight and abdominal muscles stretched them trick yourself into a position. Bent absolutely right, without bending back dumbbell incline 3 or 4 and 20 on the outskirts of her proximity approach;

Lies down the slope. Clamp white knee bent between your hands to clear your head smoothly and slowly by raising your body by removing the upper portion of the shoulder blades to 30 cm from the ground 10 times, 2-3 approach.

Be careful! When you run the slope goes, the load on the spine in the waist so it is very important exercise the right. Any exercises that back issues is strictly prohibited.

Clean up the shells with the most effective exercises to strengthen stomach and an additional burden to get boca and efficiency throughout the workout more shells. Add a program to the coaches advice to set up bench with dumbbells and abdominal exercises belly and side.

Exercise, chair or bench

The Roman chair. Appropriate before you run under a chair, to adjust the angle of tilt. Established hard with your foot then sit down and roll, then head back to the lying position and accept friends behind their hands.

Start coiling the upper body before reaching the feet of the provisions may suspend the breath for a few seconds. Inhaling, back to the starting position. You can exercise with pancakes, dumbbells in the hands.

It is the seat of the home. And a chair to sit down on the edge of the deep system, to reduce the shoulder joint and shoulder blade, eyes straight ahead. On the edge of a chair to grab a handful. To perform smoothly, 5-6 seconds to 1 approach.

Slow the technique: hip belt, guidance, up the trunk, to imitate the bridge. Backless stools like touched the head, get some rest to finish, then back to the starting position execution.

For abdominal and dumbbell lateral exercise with

Required to do the exercises dumbbell Weight 2 kg. Such a projectile, 2 plastic bottles filled with water that help to make a home.

To obtain the starting position, the following: dumbbells take, stop, outside, medium-width legs, in a position to keep your back straight, the shoulders are loaded into the system without a permit.

Reaching out a hand, this body posture at the same time for approximately 3 seconds follow by adopting the semi, then back to the original position. Second hand and do likewise.


This exercise is performed with slightly bent legs widely placed. Withdrawal side arm and tensed as it felt to stretch. Similarly, the commitment, and second hand. Each arm at least 15 times, 3-4 approach.

Nothing more, workout less efficient for this bullet type: by a fan to keep on hand at waist level, holding another dumbbell shoulder put. Do you need to exercise at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground by a margin. 20 each side 3 to perform the shredding approach.

For exercise, a wasp waist

circle with exercise

Exercise with the circle. Better buy bullet heavier (2 kg and more). This torsion, your wife must be nervous. The study is recommended for the duration of 1 hour and less vacation, no more than 3 min.

Instead, you need to get a workout in the following such as standing, legs slightly apart, face, palms waist squeeze. It is important to keep correct body position, feet firmly on the lap of sexual coating. Technical: much deeper on the slopes side by side alternately.

You jump. The position that should be taken: trimming of the feet, keep your posture straight, hands put my tongue. Essence boils down to exercise to make a slight Jump, a left, a right, fixing one at a time instead of hands up. Able to accelerate slowly.

The jump is a little complex: foot commonly adorning the castle and commissioning of keep hands straight in front of you at chest level. You should do the jump from one side to another by turning the lower body, but not to change the position of the hand.

As the effectiveness of exercises to strengthen abdominal and side

If you follow the following tips to the exercise of one domain is significantly stronger:

  • 2 hours to get food not chocolate and fruit juices as a training process;
  • not snacking during the training process;
  • should last at least 1 hour on site;
  • track The load, especially beginners;
  • regularly and, of course, clean drinking water, such as during the course and in the afternoon;
  • the physical load is better before dinner;
  • the power not only to try to perform the exercise, but the time to devote loads of cardio.

To remove wife and boca if it can be to perform the most effective exercise, nutrition products help regular exercise safety rules: excessive body gradually increase the load.